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iCube eSO
iCube eSO is a web-based workflow to process sales orders from creation, revisions, sales approval, credit approval to posting to the ERP; with options to process picking, shipping and invoicing.
Compatible With: Sage 300 ERP [Accpac], Versions 5.4 , 5.5
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As a core module of iCube Supply1st, eSO provides a simple sales order workflow to manage and route sales orders from start to end, logged with user and time stamp for each process, reasons, issues, resolutions, notes, status, and communication.

New sales orders will be routed for sale approval where predefined approvers can approve or reject sales orders from the sales perspectives such as for pricing, delivery schedule and allocation etc. Approvers can put individual order on hold, allow them to investigate before making any decision. Held orders will be suspended until they are released and will be resumed for processing. Sales approved orders will be routed for credit approval. Rejected orders will be bounced back to the originated sales people for resolution. Revised sales orders will be saved and with a new version and re-routed for approval.

Likewise, credit approver will have the processes as the sales approval. Credit approved sales orders will then be posted to ERP where users can process shipment in ERP or in eSO.

In eSO, the picking process will do another real-time credit check to ensure customers are still at good credit standing at the picking time. It is important for long lead-time orders where credit status is no-longer current. The shipping function prints packing labels per cartoon with bar-code; scans serial no. by range or individually and with entry to record tracking no. per cartoon. The invoicing function generates invoice to ERP.

eSO provides full visibility of the sales orders, the related outstanding and closed orders for the same customer in an intelligent console such that you have all you need to process the order. The intelligent routing further prevents errors and directs you to the appropriate process. Each process comes with a queue of orders ready for processing. Approvers on the road will also be alerted by emails.

Industries: Personal Goods & Services, Appliances & Electrical Equipment, Broadcasting & Communications, Electronics & Computers, Industrial Equipment, Supply, &, Service

Business Needs: Budgeting, Handhelds/PDAs, Inventory Control, Change Order Management, Route Management