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Anytime 500 Enhanced MRP for Sage MAS 500 ERP
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Dozens of enhancements for Sage  500 MRP and Inventory Replenishment. A must-have for distributors and manufacturers. Includes exception messages, demand pegging, schedule MRP generation, vendor overrides, purchased item parameters, and more.
Compatible With: Sage 500 ERP [MAS 500], Versions 6.3 , 7.0 , 7.05 , 7.2 , 7.3
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Key Features:

·         Enhanced features for Distributors & Manufacturers

·         Integrated with  Sub Work Orders,  Sales Forecasting & MPS,  Kanban Replenishment, and  Engineering Change Orders.

·         Demand Pegging drill-down to see all sources for demand from MRP

·         Exception Messages for Work Orders & Purchase Orders

o   Move-In / Move-Out

o   Cancellation Suggestions

o   Late Orders with Details

·         Action Message Report filtered/sorted by vendor, warehouse, buyer, and more

·         Vendor Override from MRP including new approved vendors functionality

·         PO Parameters for purchased items

o   Minimum or Maximum quantities per PO

o   Purchasing multiples for case packs, truckloads, etc.

o   Override MRP buckets for slow-moving items

o   Create PO from Blanket Purchase Orders

·         Make To Order Items using Sub Work Orders tagged to sales order line demand with ability to use SO Ship Priority Code for the Work Order Priority Code

·         Scheduled MRP Utility to run MRP Generation on a defined schedule (e.g., daily or weekly)

·         Filter MRP Grids by Selected Item

·         Ignore forecasts (plan for actual demand)

·         MRP Version Linking for using different MRP versions as source demand for other MRP versions. Useful for multi- planner scenarios

·         New MRP Planner and Material Types

·         Improved performance using defined manufacturing lead times and partial grid loading

·         Ignore quantities in staging bins or other bin locations – such as Quality Control bins (optional)

·         And much more!


Demand pegging, exception messages, approved vendors, and new parameters improve Sage MAS 500 MRP

It is very difficult to drill-down to see why MRP suggested order quantities for particular items in a traditional Sage 500 MRP generation. A demand pegging inquiry is now available from the MRP planning screen. The inquiry is displayed in a tree structure showing the demand sources for a selected item in the material plan. Demand can include sales orders as well as transfer orders or work order material issues for required components.

In addition, new MRP exception messages have been added to MRP to alert planners about critical material shortages and other potential issues. Exception messages alert planners to issues regarding the generation of both actual and planned purchase orders and work orders. Planners can double-click on a specific exception message to move directly to the transaction detail for the item where they can drill further into the source of the exception.

Inventory items can be flagged as “make to order” so that MRP generates planned work orders dependent to each sales order line quantity with the sales order line copied to the work order as a reference.

The MRP Scheduled Generation Utility is a huge benefit for companies with thousands of item warehouse combinations and those companies who need to plan in daily or weekly buckets for an extended time frames since MRP can be scheduled to run at night or over the weekend or during other off-peak times to improve processing speed. The scheduling utility can be setup to run different MRP versions and can be scheduled for a one-time generation or as an on-going event. Planners will return in the morning to see a fresh MRP Generation to use for their daily planning activities.

Users may define a minimum or maximum order quantity for purchased items similar to the min/max options for manufactured items in Routing Maintenance. Further, purchase multiples may be defined for case packs, truckload quantities, carton orders, or other mandatory purchase multiples.

Dozens of additional features have been added through the combined efforts of actual users who requested additional functionality to improve the material planning process.

Product ID: ENHMRP

Industries: Apparel, Soft Goods, & Textiles, Furniture, Home Furnishings, & Decor Service, Home Goods & Services, Sporting Goods & Fitness, Toys, Hobbies, & Leisure, Food & Beverage, Appliances & Electrical Equipment, Electronics & Computers, Industrial Equipment, Supply, &, Service, Rubber & Plastic Products, Wood Products & Components, Commercial Establishment Supply & Service, Equipment & Supply Rental, Office Furniture, Supply & Service, Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Assembly/Kitting & Bill of Materials, Replenishment/MRP/DRP, Inventory Control, Inventory Control, Procurement and Purchasing, Assembly/Kitting & Bill of Materials, Inventory Control, Multiple Locations/Warehouses, Replenishment/MRP/DRP, Inventory Visibility, Multiple Locations/Warehouses, Inventory Control, Replenishment/MRP/DRP, Usability Improvements