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Durkin Calendar View Plus
Calendar View Plus extends the power of Sage ACT!'s scheduling with; multiple columns per day, extended print and font options, Gantt charts, filter by contact, group or company.
Compatible With: Sage ACT!, Versions
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Calendar View Plus extends Sage ACT!'s native Calendar view

Some Calendar View Plus features include:
  • Display multiple column per user, resource or any data field.
  • Advanced filter on current contact, group company or dynamically
  • Reschedule or reassign with one button.
  • Gantt style charts
  • Display any Sage ACT! field on the schedule like "User 1" field
  • Change fonts on the screen and printing!
  • Task List Plus style list for easier preview and navigation

See any field on an Appointment.

Calendar View plus dramatically enhances Sage ACT!'s calendar views allowing you to change what fields are displayed on the appointments.

Appointments are now displaying with multiple user-selected fields from the activity and contact table like City and State. It even displays the contents of the details.

You can select an unlimited number of fields to display. These fields will also appear on the printed calendar.

Calendar View Plus enhances the four calendar view in Sage ACT!

Calendar view plus is embedded inside of Sage ACT!. No need to run multiple applications or launch external programs. -

What do these new views in CVP do for you?

CVP allows you to select any field in the activities or contact table to display on the appointment.

CVP display multiple columns.

CVP allows you to display the calendar with unique columns! Users can select the columns like Users, Resources, Types, Priorities or dynamic columns like Groups or Companies.

CVP allows you to filter the calendar.

CVP allows you to filter your appointments on many conditions. You can quickly set a filter to the current contact, company or group. You can also filter using dynamic keywords in custom fields.

CVP allows you to design your own look at the calendar.

With CVP you can drag any of the panels to your desired position. You can even drag the Activities list to display additional fields that are not on the appointment.

Below are a few different views created in CVP just by moving the drag and drop panels.

  • Expand the Activity List to see more fields and dock the panel at the bottom.
  • All panels are "Auto-Hidden" at the bottom of the screen.
  • Show just the panels you need.
  • Add our 'Power Notes' panel to add free form note taking.
  • Display users and resource panels side by side.

CVP allows you to set your fonts.

An update to the Sage ACT! calendar just wouldn't be complete without enhancing the print functions.

With CVP you can set the printer options like font name, size and type. These settings are separate from the on screen setting allowing you to print large enough to read away from the computer.

Product ID: DCCVP

Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Contact Management, Budgeting