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IDMSys Hospital ERP
IDMsys Hospital ERP is a complete set of modular applications that automates patient management  With IDMsys you can view a patient’s progress at any point in the care process, from appointment scheduling to admission & discharge.
Compatible With: Sage 300 ERP [Accpac], Versions 5.4 , 5.5
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IDMsys Hospital ERP is a complete set of modular software applications that automates patient management eliminating redundant steps and manual error-prone interaction The application is built on a object oriented multi-tiered architecture. With IDMsys you can view a patient’s progress at any point in the care process, from patient appointment scheduling to patient admission and discharge. You can register patients and record vital signs, assign physician and schedule out-patient services.


IDMsys IP management allows you to admit patients and with a click on a graphical interface you can assign beds and manage bed-maintenance activities such as transfer patients between beds, and control the status of beds for house-keeping or disinfections. With comprehensive billing & insurance claim management the module that captures changes in real time.

IDMSYS Hospital ERP Features

• Web-based applications

• System built to match your work flow

• Compatible with HL7 international

• standards

• HIPAA compliant

• EDI for insurance claims management.

• ICD & CPT codes

• PDA interface

• Graphics enabled

• Interface with host of systems including

• Critical care devices

• Multilingual

• Multi currency

• Multi Clinic / Hospital

• IBM DB2 , Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and Pervasive. SQL™ database

• Microsoft Windows or Linux operating support

Sage Accpac financials are used by users globally, and it is fully integrated with IDMSys hospital ERP modules using the same database. Sage Business Intelligence tools such as Sage Accpac Insight help manage, distribute, and collaborate from a single, unified source.

IDMSYS Hospital ERP Advantages

• Robust security on international ERP standards.

• IDMsys is built on internationally popular Sage ACCPAC ERP SDK.

• Significant savings through better inventory & pharmacy management with robust integration with Finance using multiple account sets.

• Segment based GL setup allows T B & P L for each department and/or at provider level.

• Very High Speed Transactions necessary for processing large IP Bills.

• Comprehensive OP & EMR for various specialties.

• Customization directories to suite the Hospitals.

• Quick customizable Search engine.

• Very useful built-in back-up utility tools available such as database DUMP & Load.

• Configurable Comprehensive Insurance and Claims Management.


IDMsys Enterprise LIS integrated with IDMSYS Hospital ERP offers a wide range of comprehensive modules with clearly defined Clinical pathways the application is built on a object oriented multi-tier architecture using Sage ACCPAC SDK.

• Standing Orders, Esoteric Orders, Sent out & Referred-in Orders.

• Future, Home, Clinical specimen Collection with Patient Compliance.

• Specimen Routing, Tracking and Work Carts.

• Patient Compliance Order prompts for Clinical Information.

• Uni/Bi directional Instrument interface through Barcodes.

• Reflex rules, Delta Checks, Auto Validation & Critical notifications.

• Microbiology Sub-Modules : Incubation, Identification, Observation & ABST.

• Quality Control using Standard Deviation Methods with West Guard Rules.

Modules of IDMsys Hospital ERP

Outpatient • Patient Appointment • Patient Master Index • OP Nursing • OP Static Package • OP Multi Visit Package Inpatient • IP Admission & Transfer • Bed Management • Discharge Management • IP Nursing Station • IP Static Package • IP Dynamic Package • IP Ordering • OT Management

Administration • Medical Process Setup • Security Module • Housekeeping • Library Management • Vehicle Management • Equipment Management • Kitchen & Dietary • MIS Reports Billing and Finance • OP Billing Manager • IP Billing Manager • Insurance Management • Asset Management • Sage Accpac General Ledger • Sage Accpac Accounts Payable • Sage Accpac Accounts Receivable

Clinical Modules • Radiology Module • Laboratory System • Blood Bank • Quality Control • Specialties Modules (EMR) • Medical Record

Integrations • Laboratory Equipments • Attendance System • Biometric for Patient • Barcode for Pharmacy • Barcode for Inventory • PACS Integration • RFID / Smart Cards/SMS Pharmacy Management

Material Management


HR & PAYROLL Integrated with SAGE ACCPAC FINANCIALS- GL, AR & AP. The application is built on a object oriented multi-tier architecture using Sage ACCPAC SDK.

The integrated features include

• Override Cost Center feature -This option will replace (override) segments (cost center, department) in general ledger accounts when the client generates Salary Processing

• Segment Allocation- Every salary component can be attached to one or multiple GL account, Department, Cost center etc. We can use percentage to allocate between accounts, Department, Cost center etc

• Salary Booking- This feature lets you to book the Salary for the current month. But it will be paid in the next month

• Posting of Salary Payment

• Posting of End of Service Benefits

• Posting of Annual Benefits

HR & Payroll Modules

• Attendance Management

• Employees Management

• Leave Management

• Performance Management

• Recruitment Management

• Requirement Management

• Training Management

• Payroll Management

• Remainders Management

• Loan Management

Industries: Healthcare Facility Management, Home Healthcare, Hospitals, Life Sciences, Offices & Clinics of Healthcare Providers

Business Needs: Budgeting